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to be the best...

QAPGAN™ is a company that intends to provide the best service to its customers with a determined construction by give a new impulse to its design concept. It is the strongest desire of QAPGAN™ to provide innovative solutions to conceptual design and R&D by providing innovative solutions to the future and know-how to preserve the national profit and values by bringing different discoveries to the R&D concept.


to do the best...

QAPGAN™ is a company which has a strong relationship with its customers; realist, have principles, and social responsibilities that support strong reports and products based on the design and production based on the scientific horizon that has adopted the work style of respect, trust and satisfaction.

QAPGAN™, which is aware of the necessity of design firms to work continuously with their customers in design business, has adopted an approach to be one step ahead of its peers in becoming a pioneer in achieving close results with excellence by strengthening its respect and trust relations with its quality policy. For this reason, pre-sales negotiations of the delivered products and after-sale consultation services are the qualified and reliable numbered addresses ...
Success in design; It is possible with precise precision and fine-grained adaptation and blending. It is based on these rules that the assertions of successful institutions with strong self-confidence are successful. For this reason, QAPGAN™ is always behind its products with its self confidence, quality and knowledge of success.
Companies that have become an integral part of innovation production as a result of fast growing technology and increasing demand and shrinking market have entered into the battle for innovation in order to be able to produce newer, high quality and strong products. The QAPGAN™ mission has revitalized its mission and built its ideas on innovation.

Meet M. Fatih UÇAR

Professional Skills

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Autodesk Inventor 
Autodesk VRED 
Autodesk ALIAS

About MFU

Mehmet Fatih UÇAR was born in 1988 in Bursa; He started elementary school in Aksaray and completed his primary school education in İzmit due to his father being a teacher and due to city changes. In 1999, he returned to his hometown Bursa and completed his secondary education in Bursa. After graduating from Bursa Erkek' High School, he started at Karabük University, Faculty of Technical Education, Design and Construction Department in 2007 and completed it in 2012. He started working as a teacher in the Industrial and Vocational High School of the Automotive Exporters Union and served as a temporary teacher for a year. In 2013, he started his graduate education at the Department of Industrial Design Engineering of the Institute of Science and Technology at Karabük University. In 2015, he worked as Design Specialist at the OYAK RENAULT Automobile Factory for one year. In the Automotive Project Market Competition organized by the Automotive Exporters Association in 2015, it was among the top 50 projects with the project “Safe Driving Area”. In 2017, QAPGAN SIKA ranked 13th in the Unmanned and Autonomous Land Vehicles Design Competition organized by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries. ”QAPGAN™ registered to the Turkish Patent Institute since February 2018; The company has established and continues to work in the fields of design, production of carbon fiber parts, engineering and consulting.

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